Hand Skin Texture

by on Apr.18, 2011, under Skin Textures

Hand Skin Texture

Description: This hand skin texture is the start of a new textures category for the site, got quite a few good skin textures from a variety of aged people, these will be featured soon. This addition is taken from a photograph of the palm of a hand and is very detailed.

Blood Stain TextureAs with most of the images I add to the site I have a mess and make sure they are detailed and I’m starting to add some short Photoshop texture tutorials that explain some ways of using them. For this one I have duplicated the background layer twice so we have three layers in photoshop all containing the hand skin texture. Turn the top layer visibility off so we can see the middle layer, now change the saturation to +40 and in the photoshop layer settings drop-down select ‘color Burn’. Turn back on the top layer again and desaturate that and again in the layers settings select ‘vivid light’. That should give you a blood stained effect as shown on the left.

There are load and loads of different techniques that can be created, messing about with the settings is a must and it gets you used to what works and what doesn’t.

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  1. Ryan@coveringtherent

    This is an absolutely awesome texture. Absolutely love it 🙂 Great work!!

  2. textures

    Hi Ryan glad you like the new addition, will be adding loads more of these themed textures in the next few days, if all goes to plan. thanks again for the comment!

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