Photoshop Textures

CSS3 animationTaken a few days away from creating textures and been working on a new CSS3 Animation, to view it you will need Chrome or Safari web browser.
Used quite a few images from my site for the main background. The new animation has over 2000 lines of CSS code (that’s allot for someone who doesn’t do code) and took just over a week to create.

Music TexturesJust released a new Music Textures Pack featuring six 4000 x 3000 pixel hi resolution musical themed images that I have created from shots of sheet music and old paper, love this new set.

Striped TexturesA new Striped Textures Pack featuring six 4000 x 2992 pixel hi resolution images some quite bright and some slightly darker. I will be adding new selection of handmade texture sets and some simple tutorials on how to make them soon. Hope you guys like the new ones.

Photoshop Textures, a resource and collection of free textures for designers and scrap-bookers. I’m still adding sections to the site and populating them with unique good quality content, as I’m aiming for quality featured texture images this is taking a bit of time. There are already hundreds of large, high quality textures already available and more being added on a daily basis.

We also have a Submit Textures page which I have just added, you can send in your best textures to be featured on my site, you get to feature your site or deviant art / Flickr photography showcase.

I will also be adding a few funky texture tutorials showing some of my tips on the uses of these soon, some of the featured textures already have some handy photoshop tips on setting that I have used, and ones I think work well with certain textures.

Feel free to add a comment on the photoshop textures which have been featured on the site so far, great to get your feedback and see what sort of things you guys are looking for in the future.

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